Pangur Animation is born out of the uncontrollable desire to create stop-motion animation together with a philosophy where we take special care of detail, creativity and, above all, the people that compose in our team. The project was founded by four stop-motion enthusiasts who love their job and whose abilities span across all areas of an animation production; we also count with a vast network of professionals to aid us in bigger projects.


Animation is conceived inside the imagination way before any other place. We develop with diligence and thoroughness the imaginary that will form the basis of each project, paying special attention to every little element in it and infusing life through animation and cinematic language.


Ideas form the beginning of every project. Scripts, screenplays, storyboards, character and set design, concept art.. You name it, and we’ll do it; focusing on visual and technical planification to bring out the best of each project.


Our large workshop allows us to build any kind of prop, puppet or set using a vast array of techniques and materials (resin, silicone, etc).


Thanks to our multiple animation sets we can work in various projects simultaneously. We also count with top level animators that have an ample experience animating with all kinds of materials and techniques.


We are prepared to achieve the best results with everything that falls in the scope of our lens thanks to our specialized team in stop-motion cinematography. The studio also counts with plenty of illumination equipment, cameras and a motion controller for travelling shots.


The post-production department counts with people that have worked in advertisement, TV series, and movies proving to be all-terrain professionals that can do anything you ask them to, even a sandwich.